Consulting and freelancing

What can I do for you?

I'm a software engineer with 8 years of experience in full stack development, operations and leading projects. You can think of me as a DevOps with a bit of project management skills and experience. Here are some of the things I can do for you and your company:

  • Web development - this is my main area of expertise. I can build websites for you and connect them to internal/external services or APIs (payment gateways, full-text search, recommendation systems, etc.). I focus on building backends, but I'm fine with creating simple frontends as well. I'm most familiar with Python frameworks (Flask, Django) and Ruby on Rails. I have a solid understanding of security and SEO, so your websites will be fast, secure, and SEO-optimized.
  • Set up the infrastructure - I can help you design and set up the infrastructure for your projects or improve the existing one. We will choose what cloud providers will suit you best (whether you should use AWS, spin a Kubernetes cluster or just set some Digital Ocean droplets) and set up efficient Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines.
  • On-site workshops - I like to talk about various technologies and I'm good at explaining them to people. I can prepare custom made on-site training for your company - it could be a workshop on how to be more efficient with Python, how to use one of the existing web frameworks or even one that explains your own tools and processes (in this case - a long term collaboration would be more cost-efficient).
  • Project management - I am a Certified Associate in Project Management. While I'm not interested in a full-time project management position, I can lead a small project or jump on board of the Project Management Team for a bigger one.
  • Help you with legacy Python 2 code - I can help you prepare and migrate Python 2 projects to Python 3 or figure out what you can do if you can't migrate.
  • Set up git workflows - I have experience with various git workflows. I can help set up one that will be most efficient for your company and connect it with various CI/CD tools.

Contact me

Send me a short description of your problem using the contact form or by email. Contacting me won't cost you anything and I will always get back to you. If I think that I can help you, we will schedule a chat. And even if I can't help you - I know a lot of other professionals with different skillsets than mine and maybe I will be able to recommend you someone.