Hi, I'm Sebastian

Python freelancer, consultant, and speaker.

For over 10 years, I've been building full-stack software like portfolio management platforms or document management systems for companies including CERN, MUFG, and Statkraft.

I also write and speak. Check out my blog, talks, or get in touch.

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I spoke at 20+ Python conferences around the world.
Get in touch if you would like me to present at yours.
Here are some of my favorite talks.

Optimizing Your CI Pipelines

Take your Continuous Integration to the next level! Learn how to optimize your pipelines for faster and more efficient builds by making things start faster (caching, smaller containers), finish faster (failing early, splitting tests), and making more things run at the same time (parallelization).

Python CI 101: A Beginner's Guide to Continuous Integration

Streamline your Python development process with Continuous Integration. From choosing the right CI tool to implementing it in your project, this presentation will cover all the basics and best practices of CI, leaving you with a working setup that you can reuse in the future.

Writing Faster Python 3

A talk about source code optimization. How some common problems can be solved with different code structures, together with benchmarks and explanations why one way is usually better (and often faster) than the other.
This is a revised version of my very first talk that I created in 2016 - adjusted for Python 3 with new code examples.

Modern Python Developer's Toolkit workshop

This is a tutorial for PyCon 2020 that I wish someone gave to me when I first learned Python.
Python is (relatively) easy and fun to learn, but there is a gap between "knowing how to write Python code" and "knowing the tools and good practices when writing Python code". This tutorial will try to bridge this gap. It's intended for beginners who know Python, but who are not sure how to write a Python project from scratch.