Python on-site workshops

About the workshops

I organize technical workshops focused on Python and its ecosystem. You can select one of the existing ones or I can prepare a custom made training based on your requirements. Workshops will be held at your company. Each of them can accommodate up to 12 people (it's possible to schedule multiple workshops in a row). The price of a workshop depends on many factors (location of your company, the number of people and other individual arrangements). For pricing information and more details - please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Benefits of workshops

In case you are wondering what's the point in paying for a workshop when there are so many free tutorials online:

  • In-person training is much more efficient than an online course. You will spend those few days focusing only on the workshops. Trying to follow an online course after a whole day of work or by watching them on a separate screen while working is way less efficient. If you really want to learn something, it's better to have someone in the same room who will explain all the concepts and answer your questions immediately.
  • Immediate feedback - if you have a question, you can pop it right away and I will keep explaining until I see that you understood it. Good luck trying to get fast answers to complicated questions through web forums of online courses.
  • Hands-on exercises - you will remember much more from the workshops if you not only listen but also practice. Most of the workshops are accompanied by some sort of exercises. Not only that, but I will also send you some simple exercises after the workshop (together with the solutions), so you can revisit the material right away or after some time for better memorization.
  • Cost-efficiency - compare sending 10 people from your company to a different city (10x plane ticket, 10x accommodation, 10x allowance) with paying for 1 trainer to come to your company.
  • Workshops will help your team to align on the coding practices they use. Often developers come from different backgrounds and have a different experience with programming, so getting everyone together is not only a way to learn something from me, but also a great opportunity to share what you have learned in the past and compare notes with your colleagues.
  • I won't clock 8 hours at your company and go home - at the end of each day, I will try to stay as long as needed to answer all the questions. And hopefully we will also grab lunch together (if your company offers it), so we can further discuss any question or problems.

Any questions?

If you would like to learn more or schedule a training for your company - use this form or send me an email. If you are interested in a workshop, simply tell me which one, when (more or less - "next month" / "next year" / "as soon as possible"), where and for how many people.